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After working in the Operating Room for over 20 years, I knew this life of clocking in and out every day, working insane hours in the middle of the night, and being told I could not have the day off because they were "too short staffed" was just not the life for me or my family.  Eventually I reached a point where I said enough is enough. I learned the art of online marketing and the power (and importance) of multiple streams of income. Now I'm here to help you do the same.

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Jordan Maylea & Kathy Schneider

What started out as a side hustle is now a thriving business that does over 7 figures in sales a year. We have women on our team who are earning more in part time hours than they did from their full time job! If you are serious about earning some extra income from your phone, reach out to Brooke so she can show you how to do the same!

We Love Working Alongside Brooke!

nicole day

One of the most striking aspects of Brooke’s personality is her ability to effortlessly connect with others. Brooke is an individual who brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to any environment. Her warm and approachable nature instantly puts people at ease, making her a joy to interact with. Brooke has an innate talent for fostering open and effective communication.

Brooke is a truly exceptional individual who possesses an outstanding personality

Kristen B.

Brooke has a passion for helping others achieve financial freedom, and has a powerful testimony of her own experiences of conquering debt. She is dedicated, reliable, and super trustworthy. She strives to always help and serve others, and I don’t know how she maintains the energy and brain space to accomplish all the she does in a day! 

She Has A Passion For Helping Others

Melody M.

Brooke might be one of my favorite people to scheme, dream, and conquer with. She's a great listener, an incredible executor, and a confidant who makes your overwhelming mountains climbable. Best of all, she has an infectious energy for getting things done! She is no nonsense! And cuts to the chase. Love her.

Brooke Has Infectious Energy!

Leilonie A.

Her smile and enthusiasm for the Lord, life, and encouraging others was infectious. I am completely blown away by how DOWN TO EARTH she is. I definitely feel that this is her calling to help others achieve their business and financial goals highlighted in Jesus' name. Yes, this is a woman that I trust and would gladly follow her teachings!

I'll Never Forget The First Day I Met Brooke...

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