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How to Build a Reputation When You’ve Just Started Your Business

How do you build a reputation when you have just started your business? Is it possible to build credibility when those satisfied customers or clients simply don’t exist yet?

If we’ve never met before, my name is Brooke Amber and I teach burnt-out healthcare professionals how to launch, grow, and automate a business online so you can ditch the stress and create a life of freedom doing what you love!

When learning how to build a reputation, it can be very challenging in the beginning. So how do you attract customers and clients  when you’ve never actually had any yet? Thankfully there are things you can do to gain credibility even if you just started! . 

In todays episode, I’m going to share with you 6 strategies to help you build a reputation even when you are brand new in business.

How to Build a Reputation When You’ve Just Started Your Business

Reputation Strategy #1: Improve Your Online Image and Presence

You want to make sure you have a clean and professional storefront when people look you up or stumble across your social platforms. Your brand identity needs to be clear and unique.  As you build a reputation, it should reflect your values, mission and vision.  Having a website isn’t a necessity in the beginning. However, if  you do happen to have one,  then thats great.  You can start  there and be sure that its professional and you have good photos of yourself.

Reputation Strategy #2: Aim For Congruency Between Platforms

Share the same branding across all of your social media accounts (like IG, FB, TT, LI).  This includes logos, colors, profile photos and messaging.

Consistency helps in building a recognizable and trustworthy brand.

When choosing a  photo for your social media platforms, this should go without saying.  But it should be a nice photo of you. One that is a close up of you  smiling. Just your head and not a full body pic from a mile away. 

build a reputation

People need to see your face as it helps with that know, like and trust factor.  Nobody wants to see pics of your dog and cat! 

The second you tell someone you have a business, they likely will ask if you have a website or look you up on social media.  You don’t want something that looks pieced together half-hazardly.   Keep it clean and simple. Remember the old phrase, “KISS”? Keep it simple stupid!

Reputation Strategy #3: Have A Professional Email

When you create an email to share with your potential customers, you will want to avoid emails like  Use the example of If you have a brick and mortar type biz, have the name of it as part of the email.  This shows you are serious about your business. One of my favorite email hosting services is called Aweber. You can take a look at it HERE. It’s free to start and it grows with you as you grow.

Reputation Strategy #4: Highlight Your Experience

build a reputation

Use your about page on your website to do this or if you don’t have a website yet, just leave a description on your social media profiles. If you don’t have a lot of experience yet. That’s okay because you STILL have something to offer this world. 

Talk about your story and what led you to creating your business.  Testimonies go a long way…now, if you are so new, that you don’t have any testimonies about results yet, find some close friends who can testify to your CHARACTER. 

Ask them to give you a testimony that highlights WHO you are as a person and WHY people would want to do business with you.  Then as your business grows and you get testimonies about your products or services, you can go back later and add them.

Before I share with you my tips on growing, I want to offer you a free resource to help you on your journey.  If you are looking for ways to make money online but find yourself stumped, I have a free guide I made called the Ultimate Side Hustle Idea Guide. In this guide I share with you 30 different side hustle ideas to help you get started on your journey to entrepreneurship.  If you’d like to grab it just click the yellow button below.

Reputation Strategy #5: Communicate Clearly What You Do

You want to create a one sentence summary that tells people WHO you are and HOW you help them. Some people call this a tag line, bumper sticker, or branding statement.  It really is that simple.

As an example of this, here is my tag line:  

I teach burnt out health care professionals how to launch, grow and automate a business online so you can ditch the stress and create a life of freedom.

Keep it simple and to the point. No fluff. People should know from this sentence exactly what you do, who you help and how you help them.    And when you share what you do, don’t be like, “Oh, I sort of design websites for people. I mean, I enjoy it. I don’t really have any clients yet, but I think it’s cool and I love doing it”. 

No, that’s not confident.  Confidence says, “I build stylish websites for overwhelmed business owners so you can attract more clients with a professional design”.  Boom. Done. You know EXACTLY what this person does and you know who they help. They help overwhelmed business owners.  Do you see the difference?

build a reputation

If you are finding this helpful, I have a worksheet to help you discover exactly who you help and how you can help them. If you’d like to snag this, just shoot me a message and I’ll get that over to you.

Reputation Strategy #6: Gather Client Reviews/Testimonies

You might be thinking this is a problem because you don’t HAVE anyone client reviews or testimonies yet!  One thing you can do to establish a good reputation is to start to offer your services for free OR  for a STEEP discount in exchange for a testimony. If you sell products, maybe offer a free sample in exchange for a testimony. Just ask around as even friends and family can do this for you!  

build a reputation

Like I mentioned earlier, you can also ask trusted friends and family to give you a testimony about your character, integrity and who you are as a person.  This will give people a sense of what it would be like to work with you. 

Another idea is to leverage the testimony of others who are not your personal clients. A testimony is a testimony. It doesn’t necessarily have to be YOUR personal client. You can use others as well.

If you found value in these effective strategies to help build your reputation, please share with a friend! I’m so grateful for you. Don’t forget to join me inside my free community, The Work From Home Entrepreneur Community. Just click the button below!

Thanks for hanging out with me!  See you next time!

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I hope you enjoyed this episode and you’re ready to implement these 4 business strategies to create online success. Make sure to share with us in the community!

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