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How To Find More Joy In Your Current Circumstances!

Would You like to find more joy in your current situation?

Do you want to be happier where you are in life right now? Do you want to see a change your life?

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur trying to navigate the unpredictable terrain of business or simply someone with entrepreneurial aspirations, you’ve embarked on a remarkable journey filled with challenges and triumphs.

In the hustle of building dreams and managing daily responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook the joy woven into the fabric of your current circumstances.

Finding more joy in the midst of your present circumstances can be a game-changer. It helps fuel your passion and sustain your resilience.

So, the question is how do you find the joy that lies within the hustle? How can you infuse positivity into your entrepreneurial endeavors or the demanding role of working a 9 to 5 style job while aspiring to build a business?

Join me as we delve into practical insights and actionable tips to not just survive but thrive in your current circumstances.

In this episode, I want to help you discover the joy that can be harnessed in the everyday moments of the entrepreneurial journey.

If we are just meeting for the first time, my name is Brooke Amber and I teach burnt-out healthcare professionals how to launch, grow, and automate a business online so you can ditch the stress and design a life of freedom doing what you love.

While i have worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, I began to explore the network marketing industry and entrepreneurship in general. What I’ve noticed is that the ones who change their lives the most, are the ones who have a completely different outlook on life from a Biblical perspective. Yes, there are people who are not spiritual and are still happy, but I guarantee you, they have NOT found true, sincere joy, apart from Christ.

Once I was introduced to the entrepreneurial world and network marketing, I began to see things in a whole new light from before. Despite how I used to love what I do for a living, after working in the medical field for so long, my love for it began to dwindle.

SO….I began to think and pray and research.  I asked God to guide me in the direction he would have me to go. I felt like I was being pulled away from my career, but i had no idea what to do.  But I knew one thing for sure….I knew I couldn’t do this on my own.

Many leaders today are pushing this New Age concept  of the Law Of Attraction or Manifesting your dreams and desires into being as a road to happiness and to find more joy. However, I knew that this new age method of pursuing my dreams was ungodly and not biblical. 

What I did instead was go straight to the Bible. I know that the Bible is the sole source of truth, even in the world on entrepreneurship. 

What I found was that happiness and joy is not something that you can create within yourself, despite what some leaders teach. Rather, it’s a byproduct of your relationship with your Heavenly Father. 

Learn How To Find More Joy In Your Current Circumstances!

Now, back to joy and fulfillment in your life.

This is something that is a gift from God and it’s POSSIBLE, despite whether you are experiencing great things in your life, or you are struggling with different issues.  You see, our joy comes from the Lord.  His spirit within you, if you are a believer, gives you the strength to be joyful in all circumstances. 

For me, I really struggle at times being joyful in my job. I know that I’m pursuing a different avenue that is outside the healthcare field, but God has NOT opened that door for me yet to leave my job. So I’m playing the waiting game. And just to be real with you, it’s the hardest game to play because our human nature is to get what we want quickly. 

Drop in the comments below if you are in the waiting game as well?  Do you feel called to something else but maybe you aren’t sure what? 

If you need some help coming up with some ideas, I want to give you a free resource. Its called the Ultimate Side Hustle Idea Guide! It’s full of 30 side hustle ideas for you to comb through. Just click the link in the description or if you are on my blog, click the yellow button!

I’d like to share a couple tips with you to help you find more joy when it seems difficult:

Tip #1: Prosper Where You Are Planted

I believe that when God has you in a particular place, or job or situation, He is still sovereign and knows EXACTLY what He is doing. 

We need to remember that even though we may be waiting, or whatever, that His timing is always perfect.

We need to continue to pursue HIM as we prosper where He has us planted in that moment.

how to find more joy

Tip #2: Have The Right Mindset

how to find more joy

Mindset is important here because we need to constantly let our minds be renewed by His Word…and that means reading and meditating on The Word of God.  

When you meditate on God’s Word, he will bring it to your mind when you are struggling to find that joy.  You know that line, “The Joy Of The Lord is My Strength”!

Tip #3: Remember, Finding More Joy Is A Choice We Make (with the help of the Holy Spirit)

Often when we think of joy, we think of an emotion. We have been conditioned to think that joy is a response to something good that has happened, or the result of a favorable set of circumstances. 

Because we believe that joy is an emotion, we make the mistake of thinking it cannot be controlled. We assume that joy will come automatically when things go right in our lives or God has answered all our prayers.

how to find more joy

We tend to believe the opposite is true as well. That if we are in the midst of pain or hardship, or if we are waiting for God to meet a need, that it is impossible to be joyful during that season.

The enemy has convinced us that joy is completely out of our control and dependent on our circumstances. He has managed for us to regard joy as something out of our reach unless everything in our lives falls into place. 

The enemy has also deceived people into thinking that unless or until we get what we want we are resigned to a season of sadness, incompleteness, or frustration.

Yet, in reality,  God’s interpretation of joy is very different. His word doesn’t describe joy as an emotion ⎯ something fleeting, temporary, or fickle.

It actually is something that can be produced in us. Just as you can produce fruit when there is none. That fruit can nourish your physical body. The Holy Spirit can produce joy in your heart that can nourish your soul ⎯ even in the darkest of circumstances. 

The word of God reveals a simple truth that the enemy would never want us to know.

God, the creator of joy, did not place joy out of our reach or make its presence in our lives dependent on our circumstances.

Instead, He created the nature of joy to be a product of our relationship with Him. That is why you can see people living the most amazing seasons of their lives and still lack joy! While others experience the driest, most painful seasons and somehow remain joyful. 

The people in this world who have the MOST joy are the ones who have learned to grow the fruit of joy in their lives through the help of the Holy Spirit. 

When you don’t rely on the Holy Spirit, this is what happens:
  • you don’t wait for their circumstances to change
  • you tell yourslef you will be happier when you get what you are waiting for
  • you feel as though joy is unobtainable

You must learn to cultivate joy so you can enjoy its sweetness during every season of your life. Joy, like any other fruit, requires intentional choice. In order to reap it we have to make a conscious decision to do so. 

how to find more joy

So when it comes to your business, or relationships or where you are at in life right now, I want to ask you: 

-are you willing to rise early, and work passionately to provide for your spiritual need of joy? 

-have you ever considered not waiting for it to fall into your lap? But actually taking steps to develop a relationship with God that will give the fruit of joy?

Religion doesn’t bring joy to your life….relationship with God brings joy. 

So many of us pray for joy but refuse to go to the source: the presence of God.

4 Steps To Enjoy The Presence Of God In Your Business As You Find More Joy

  • Step 1: It is what it is, just give it to God and trust HIM.
  • Step 2: You can let the situation control you or you can let God control it.
  • Step 3: Focus on the Word of God and claim His truths for yourself.
  • Step 4: Be grateful for every step of the pruning process you are experiencing.

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See you next my friend!

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