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The Secret That Could Can Ruin Your Business

Until the past few years, I didn’t know the secret that could ruin your business. My thoughts had been that the only reason to go into business is to make money. That sounds good anyway and represents the mindset of many business people. I went into business with that mindset. After all, we all need to make a living. 

So, when I set out, my primary goal  was to make money. The problem was that I didn’t realize this one business ingredient that could ruin my business. Today, I want to share with you a crucial realization that transformed my approach to business, shifting my focus from mere profit to a more purpose-driven perspective.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, the pursuit of profit often takes center stage. Many entrepreneurs, myself included, initially enter the business world with the singular aim of making money. However, this money-focused mindset can be a perilous path, leading to missed opportunities and ultimately, business failure.

If we’ve never met before, my name is Brooke Amber and I teach burnt-out healthcare professionals how to launch, grow, and automate a business online so you can ditch the stress and create a life of freedom doing what you love!  

The Secret That Could Can Ruin Your Business Before It Even Begins

Until recently, I, like many others, believed that the primary objective of business was financial gain. It seemed like a logical pursuit—to secure a livelihood and build wealth. Yet, in my pursuit of profit, I overlooked a fundamental aspect that underpins true entrepreneurial success.

So, do you want to know the secret that could ruin your business before it even starts? 

The commitment to helping people solve their problems and meeting THEIR needs…even if it didn’t lead to immediate profit for you.

Let me share a true story of a man who, during a routine visit to source materials for his  business, encountered a vendor hesitant to provide samples without payment. 

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Back the story…

Despite his  assurances of future orders, the  vendor’s  reluctance stemmed from a narrow focus on immediate gains. This encounter shed light on a prevalent mindset—one driven solely by the pursuit of money, blinding individuals to the broader opportunities inherent in serving others.

Here are 5 ways shifting from a money mindset to a serving mindset can cause your business to thrive:

  • Purpose-driven entrepreneurship prioritizes problem-solving and meeting the needs of others.
  • A money-centric mindset can lead to missed opportunities and hinder long-term success.
  • Biblical wisdom emphasizes the pursuit of purpose over the relentless pursuit of wealth.
  • Sacrificing immediate gains for future rewards is a hallmark of strategic entrepreneurship.
  • Shifting from a profit-focused to a purpose-driven mindset is essential for sustainable business growth.

Scriptures offer timeless wisdom on the pitfalls of a money-centric mindset. Ecclesiastes even warns against the insatiable pursuit of wealth, emphasizing the futility of such endeavors. It also advocates for a paradigm shift—a prioritization of purpose over profit. 

We still have many people in business today without the right biblical entrepreneurial mindset, just a money mindset. Unconsciously, we sometimes walk into this moment because we seek to make a living or a fortune rather than seek to help people and please God. Time to shift that mindset…

The Bible says,

“Whoever loves money will never be satisfied with money. Whoever loves wealth will never be satisfied with income. Even this is pointless”
Ecclesiastes 5:10

This scripture indicates that people are often more money-minded in business because of the love of it. The Bible does not condemn seeking money as a return on your investment. The priority is the issue here.

One’s business attitude about money is the crux of the matter. Some godly acts should precede money and profit.

In business, there are things to let go of for future rewards. Like sometimes we need to let go of some profit for the good of the future cause.  The outcome of the story above is a practical example. Rigidity in all aspects of Christian business always pays less. At every point, the Lord’’s purpose must be priority. So, our money mindset in business should be that of purpose-driven contentment.

When your primary purpose or motivation for going into business is to make money, you will never be satisfied with money or more money. You will also not be able to serve God’s purpose for calling you. It is a limiting attitude to be overly money-minded. 

Your focus should be to offer purpose-driven services.

Money then comes as a reward that you receive by putting in efforts to help people meet their needs. See yourself as God’s instrument in bringing assistance to His creation. 

Stop having what they call “commission breath” by  seeing money in everything. It can deny you good opportunities, relationships, and finally, ruin your business. Change your mindset as I did.

We can all have a singular mindset in business, despite our individual calling into Christian entrepreneurship. The world will be happier with our emergence as God-centered entrepreneurs because it cannot give itself what we have. 

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