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Steal My Business Strategies & Punch Fear In The Face

How would you feel?

How would you feel if I told you that you could steal my business strategies and adopt them as your own? Do you have a certain fear that is holding you back in your business?

Or perhaps it’s keeping you from starting your own business? Have you felt stuck and unable to express the fullness of who God created you to be in a way that feels good to you? 

It could all come down to utilizing the right business strategies.

When you conquer that fear and master a few new skills, you will crush your goals this year. 

– Brooke Amber

In today’s episode, I’m going to let you steal my business strategies and show you how to punch fear in the face. I want you to be authentically YOU online so you can get to the point of owning who you are and WHAT God created you to do in this life …so stay tuned…

If we are just meeting for the first time My name is Brooke Amber and I Teach Healthcare Professionals How To Launch, Grow, and Automate A Business Online So You Can Ditch The Burnout And Create A Life Of Freedom.

So in this episode, I’m going to help you crush or eliminate that fear of whatever is holding you back from reaching your potential.

Think about it…growing up we aren’t really taught to “embrace” our failures…even though it’s what helps us grow the fastest. Rather, we often fear it….thinking we can’t be wrong or mess up for fear of judgment. But if we never mess up, how are we supposed to learn? And grow? And get better?

So many entrepreneurs deal with fear of failure or rejection. Myself included.  So much to the point that it paralyzes them in such a way that they never take action to accomplish their goals. 

So… what if …we learned how to be “okay” with failure? rejection? and screw-ups?

There is a way you can do this….which leads me to my 1st business strategy…

Business Strategy #1: Evaluate Your Relationship With Fear by Re-labeling it…

Steal My Business Strategies

You just need to “re-label” it….you have to learn to stop calling it failure, and rejection.  Give it a new name…like Lessons, learning, opportunities to become better. 

When you learn to redefine and re-evaluate the definition of failure and rejection, then it’s NOT failure…its growth and lessons learned. 

When you get a “no thanks” in your business, remember how that could be a blessing. I used to get really sad and bummed, feeling like a failure when I would get a “NO thanks” in my biz. However, I had to change that way of thinking into a learning opportunity….meaning, i learned perhaps what NOT to say, or a better way of asking, or seeing it as one step closer to a YES.

Embrace that lesson because you learned something new so you can get better.

When you change your mindset to think this way, it helps you utilize these life lessons in a way that truly helps you to grow as a person and entrepreneur.

Business Strategy #2: Fear A Life Not Fully Lived

Another way you can steal my business strategy and overcome fear is to think about the consequences of NOT doing the action that has you so paralyzed. 

For example, “If don’t (xyz) , then ____ will most likely occur”. If I don’t share with Susie what I’m up to, someone else might. Thne Susie may end up joining them instead of me”….

Or “if I don’t share this product with Mary then someone else will and Mary will buy from them”. 

Ok, do you see? What’s the consequences for NOT doing something? How will this paralyzing fear keep you from achieving your long term goals?

Steal My Business Strategies

I remember several occasions in my network marketing journey where I so wanted to ask a friend if they were open to taking a look at what I was doing but I was too chicken.  And months later, what did I see?  I saw them posting about how excited they were about their “new opportunity”…ahhhh….I kicked myself for being such a chicken! So the consequence of my -in-action was losing that customer or teammate. 

Have you ever had this happen to you? Ugh, it’s so frustrating!

If I am always too chicken to talk to people about my business, then my business won’t grow and I won’t make any money, right?  Am I okay with that? Well, no I’m not. And if I’m going to be honest, my fear of having to work a 9 to 5 job the rest of my life is GREATER than my fear of a few rejections or any other smaller fears I have.

My fear of not being able to take my family on yearly dream vacations is greater than my fear of doing live videos.  Can you relate?

If you’re finding value in this and you want to dive deeper into online business growth and side hustle strategies, I’d like to invite you to join me live inside my free Facebook community called the Work From Home Entrepreneur Community

Business Strategy #3: Punch Fear In The Face By Testing Yourself

Steal My Business Strategies

Have you ever thought about the difference between Fear and Intuition?

Fear is a feeling that you should actually move thru…its an opportunity for you to grow; something you WANT to do but you are afraid of failing…

BUT….what if that feeling is your God-given intuition that’s telling you “this is the wrong move”? 

 How do we decipher that? Here Is A Test:

  • slow down, close eyes and ask yourself, “when I IMAGINE myself moving forward with this thought/idea…. Do I feel myself expanding, or contracting?” 
  • Feelings of Expansion: joy, excitement, fun
  • Contracting feelings: dread, despair, something inside you says “no”. You have a heavy feeling almost like a pit inside your gut. 
  • Then the question becomes….What are you going to regret more…what you DO or what you DON’T DO?
  • If something in you just pulls you back, it could be the Holy Spirit leading you.

Business Strategy #4:  Become INVALUABLE

The third business strategy to steal from me is to get over your fears is to become INVALUABLE.  You want to increase your value in such a way that you are irreplaceable in the marketplace. How do you do that?  There are certain things you can do to make yourself so valuable. 

There are certain things you can do to make yourself so valuable and here are a few:

  • Learn to increase your knowledge
  • Continuous Learning and Skill Development
  • Attend workshops, seminars, and online courses to expand your knowledge
  • Build a strong professional network within and outside your industry
  • Stay tech-savvy and be proficient in relevant software and tools
  • Seek out mentors and coaches who can provide guidance and support in your career development
  • Be open to learning from those with more experience

Did you get value from this? 

Don’t let the little fears hold you back… Relabel it and make sure you don’t let the small fears keep you back. Increasing your value in the marketplace is an ongoing process.

I want to see you punch fear in the face by being authentically YOU online.

Remember, the Bible says that God has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but of Peace, Love, and A Sound Mind.  

Steal My Business Strategies

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When it comes to Financial Freedom, Success, and growing an online business, I want you to be able support your best life.

I would be honored to join hands with you on this journey. Let’s follow together God’s plan for success in your life.

You’ll find weekly business trainings on my YouTube Channel, here on the Blog, as well as on my Facebook Page (Tuesdays 8pm EST).

I hope you enjoyed this episode and you’re ready to implement these 4 business strategies to create online success. Make sure to share with us in the community!

Stand Out and Stay Connected…

Go Crush Your Week!

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